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Author, speaker, father, entrepreneur, and community leader -- Issa Musharbash is a recognized leader and founder of Provident Legacy and its family of companies that operate a real estate brokerage, licensing school, title agency, and development company in NJ & GA.

As a coach and mentor in the real estate industry, Issa has an uncanny ability to help professionals unlock their potential for peak performance. Issa is an international speaker, yet rooted in the local community. His talks have reached tech companies such as Zillow Group, Meta and Linkedin.
His iconic book "Go Back To Your Country"; surfaces conversations of immigration, leadership, entrepreneurship, and the transformative story of an immigrant boy from Jordan who settled in the United States. The story of finding family, love, and faith resulted from his own adversity serves as the American immigrant story of the 21st Century.

Issa is a minister at the Cityline Church in Jersey City, NJ  and his global travel for missions has touched lives where few desire to go. Issa resides in Hudson County, NJ. He spends his time building life alongside his beautiful wife and their three amazing children.

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